About the photographer

                   I studied photography at RMIT university in melbourne,victoria,australia from 1983-85.
               I use both film & digital cameras for all still photography,either in the studio or on location .
I own balcar flash equipment (pictured below right),rather than hire it.They can run all day & dont miss a beat.
Flash equipment used-x2-Balcar 2400 watt/secs flash floor packs, plus 6 flash heads-4800 watt/secs of power.
                  I have ample high powered flash equipment to light any studio set and or location shoot.

               I also own a linhof 617 panorama camera (pictured left).It is a medium format film camera that utilises large format optics.Fujifilm velvia 50 professional colour slide film is used in this camera only.A high resolution 1000mb scan is done on a hasselblad flextight x5 scanner,and subsequently printed onto fuji flex super gloss or
                            lustre paper at the lab.The linhof technorama has a final reproduction size of 1 to 3.
       I use my digital nikon d800e on a panoramic head (pictured above right) to stitch panoramas,then load &
     stitch the digital images in pt gui software.Most of my high resolution  digital stitched panoramas are - 147 to
                                   170 megapixels in size .Large file size equates to more detail & very large print options. 
                            My digital stitched panoramas also mostly have a final reproduction size of 1 to 3, or 1 to 2.5.                       
                                                           I am currently based in melbourne,victoria,australia.
          My work involves commission work for advertising/commercial projects,and panoramic photography.
        Please make an enquiry regarding either prices for any of my titled panoramic landscape prints,or other
                                advertising/commercial photography projects,by going to my contact page.
                                                             I will respond to your enquiry as soon  as possible.



 Every image on this website & facebook is under copyright by  Damian Couzoff photography -Year 2016-Year 2019.
 Under NO circumstances can any of my images  be used without prior pernission by Damian Couzoff Photography

Melbourne city skyline,victoria,australia

​Twilight glass

Damian Couzoff Photography Copyright Year 2018


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